Week Four

Okay, week four and I’m still trying to use this new editor. One thing I have been noticing is the loading of the sidebar. Some of the little modules load rather quick and some take a little longer. The one that does appear to take a little longer is the Categories & Tags. Not something most people would worry about but something I randomly noticed. I’ve also been sort of recuperating from our WordCamp a few days ago. I will try and post a recap of that on my other, random blog since this site is more towards development and WordPress related code. I did learn a few more things on how Media Element works which is pretty neat. It is sort of a wrapper for the audio and video HTML5 elements. I’m really hoping that browser support does improve a lot more in the coming year. There are a few other things I learned but mostly about CSS specificity. Edge cases are super strange and selectors are weird. I’m getting more familiar with the React lifecycle and understanding a little more on how it works and when to use things. I will look into learning about using local and session storage in the coming days. There are times when I feel like I need to expand on my knowledge of all the things but I’m come to understand and realize that I can only have so much time on a given day.