This week I focused more on the free support forums. This was in part because I took a small break from reading about Docker Compose and setting up my local environment on Ubuntu. It was cool to see the environment get built with a simple command. I think the biggest hurdle I encountered was I couldn’t find an article that goes into detail how the docker-compose file sort of works.

Many just gave a sample that works, that’s great, but I would like to know what it actually does. For example, what the markup actually means and their subtle differences. The volumes is a good example of that. Now, I don’t know why wordpress:/var/www/html would not work but "wordpress:/var/www/html" would is beyond me.

So it was nice to get away from troubleshooting my own issues. It’s been too long since I last did that.

It felt good. It felt really good.

There is one topic that is still on my mind because it dealt with editing JavaScript code. It was for one of those quote of the day widgets. The difference was where those quotes were stored. It was inside of a text file uploaded to the site. I guess I could see some potential good but personally I would opt for storing those in the database.

What was cool was that it was vanilla JavaScript and not jQuery. I was able to use:

var elems = document.getElementsByClassName('usr-quote');
for (var i=0; i < elems.length; i++) {
elems[i].appendChild(document.createTextNode(txt[(var2-var1)%txt.length])); };

Decent. Some of that was already there but I adjusted it a little. The big issue is that inside of that script they add a call when the DOM is loaded. This would be fine but it is the same code with no checks to make sure those functions or variables do not already exist. Essentially using the global scope for it all.

[Enter silent scream here]

As for my developer brain, I have not made much progress. I need to gather up some more links so I can read more. I see some on my Twitter timeline from time to time but I forget to either bookmark them or read them. I need to get better at that.

All I know is that I’m going to be debating on updating my laptop to use Bionic Beaver for the next week or two.