There are two reasons I’m posting it here. The first one is because on the random blog I don’t really share audio or video and second is because I am more than happy to share those files if asked and having it here just makes it easier for me

With that being said, today I was a little bored and decided to practice the guitar. I’ve been practicing how to play Moonlight Sonata. It’s cool. I had learned it years ago but because I focused on other things my brain forgot a lot of it.

Today I decided to record a part that I really like from the song. It is a small clip and I’m still learning the song. I just have a few more bars and I can practice the entire song.

The next thing I recorded was me playing a flamenco rhumba. I’ve played it many times and I still struggle with a few things. A lot of that is because I still haven’t fully learned to slow down and so my fingers want to get ahead when they shouldn’t.

Anyway, here is the song:

The quality is a little better than most of my previous recordings too so I’m very happy about that.