The other day I went and bought a Lenovo IdeaPad 5. A big part of the reason being I want to be able to do more things while on the go. Well, more work and learning of things on the go. I went to install Fedora and it went smooth and that’s great of course. That was until I realized that I didn’t have working WiFi so I couldn’t really update all the things.


As it turns out the installed card doesn’t quite work with Linux and that kind of hurt to read. I did accept that defeat when wanting to look for how to install the drivers without actually having any internet connection.

Yeah. I tried to do that.

All the posts, comments, articles I came across needed me to run commands that require you to connect to the internet. Like, you know, updating or installing other modules needed to make the drivers work. Who knew?

That’s not going to work since I don’t have a hardwired connection available for the laptop or have a device that can I use to connect. So I wound up ordering a new WiFi card. It is set to arrive and I’m a little nervous because of that fear that it won’t work. I’m sure it will but there is some doubt in me. I don’t know why.

This does almost make the case for me having a USB WiFi dongle though which I may just end up getting down the line in case I run into a similar issue. For those who are probably wondering the current card is a Realtek Bluetooth and WiFi card.

Will post a follow up in the comings days once I get the new card in though.