The other day I went ahead and ordered a rework station. This was something I never though I would want to own. In high school I took an electronics class that I fell in love with. I learned about components and how to solder. I also learned a little bit about how to make PCBs. It was really cool and I’m so happy I learned those skills.

This rework station is a two in one that has a hot air gun and a soldering iron. The main reason I bought this was because I gave Sal the one random kit I had purchased long ago. I know he’ll use it down the line too when the time comes. For me, this rework station will be used for some random projects. The one that is coming up is another keyboard.


Another one. This next one I’ll be putting together is a kit I won. The Waka. All the parts are there for it. The only thing I currently don’t have is the switches. I still can’t decide what I want to use. I am waiting to order those and a Pillbug. The Pillbug because it has Bluetooth capability. I’ll need to look up a decent battery for it though.

I am looking forward to building out the keyboard though. It has been quite some time since I did a project like this as well.

The other project I’m looking to finish up is a solar panel and some LEDs on a patio. I ordered a dimmer so I could test something out. Once that arrives I’ll go and try connecting it to the controller. Then I’ll try ordering some hanging lights. Maybe once I’m done with that I’ll post photos.

I’ll definitely tinker more with the keyboard though. I also would like to tinker a little more with the Raspberry Pi since I haven’t touched that in quite some time as well.