Today I decided to update my laptop because it’s been way too long since I touched it. I put on Goosebumps and managed to watch a few episodes. As I was updating the laptop I kept watch on the progress because that’s what we all do, right?

I know I do.

At the very least when it comes to running computer updates because I haven’t trusted them to fully install or not fail when it reaches 99% of the way. I know I’m not alone in that one. Anyway, I was running my usual command line stuff and checking for updates and of course there were a few. Again, not shocked since it has been quite a hot minute since I touched the laptop. Ran the update and waited.


And patiently.

Patiently waited for it all to finish downloading so it could then install those updates. It finally did and then I ran the reboot command. Why? Because it was a kernel update.


I rejoiced at the fact it was going to be using a new kernel. The reason I was pretty happy was because there three that are installed. Two as sort of a backup option and the latest. At the time of writing this out those are:


Yeah, you can see the latest is quite a leap from what the previous one was.

I logged in and tried to finish up the updates. That didn’t really happen because as it turns out the network card wasn’t active. Weird. So, I check to see if it at the very least it does detect it and sure enough it does. Strange. What next?

Well, I naturally do the one thing we all do. Cry for a bit and then search for possible solutions. Ok, that’s a big fat lie because we don’t all search. So I see there are a few ways of resolving my issue and most require having an internet connection which I don’t have on the laptop. There goes that.

So what next?

I boot back up to the previous kernel (6.4.15) and run flatpak updates. Wait for those to finish. Reboot.

The logon screen shows up and I chose a different session to use. I look at the internet connection and this time it was detected and connected. What?? Like how? I never did anything beyond the updates and reboot.

So rebooted again and logged in the same way I had before. Everything is now working as expected which, you know what, I’m not even mad. It was more funny in the end since I really have no idea what happened or what caused the network card to not work the first time around. All I know is that I have a working laptop again and can finish learning the things I wanted to learn on the networking course I started and then can make progress on other courses I want to take.