Yeah, I don’t know. I felt like typing that out because too many things had to be updated. The first one being WordPress on this site which I’m not mad at since I am typically running the latest version. I have it set to use an alpha/beta version. Yeah, I’m crazy that way.

The other thing this morning that was updated was my operating system. I updated to Fedora 39. I’ve updated previously and for some reason I tend to encounter at least one random thing when I do. This time it was the same thing as the last time. It was the NVIDIA drivers. Because that’s what happens with Linux and NVIDIA. The good part being that I was able to easily resolve that by uninstalling the drivers and then reinstalling them over again and I was back in business; as some might say.

The bigger one though was when I updated to the latest WordPress version and took at the latest theme that is included. Don’t get me wrong here, I love the things they do and love the way they go about it but this time around I felt a little lost. A big part of that being that I haven’t really needed or wanted to change my theme in quite some time. Then again, I’m sure there are people and sites that don’t go changing their theme every other weekend either. Would be weird, to be honest

I think the one thing that irked me a little was how many levels of clicks I had to go through to change one thing. It just wasn’t very straight forward. Again, totally felt like I was out of touch on how things had gone since the last time I looked at the theme customization screen.

It’s nice to see some change and I hope it keeps getting more and more iterations but I guess the question for that is when will it actually be done? If ever.