The other day I was looking over some random courses because that’s what I do a lot I guess. It was more because I do want to dive back into the school thing and get either a certificate or a degree. The one that has been on my mind for quite some time is Software Engineering. Well one of many really. There was also Computer Science that caught my attention. That one appealed to me a long time ago too though.

I have reached that wall once again in that I’m not sure which path I do want to be taking here though. Reason being is that in my current role I took a step back from a developer role and am doing support; which, don’t get me wrong, I like doing it just isn’t quite the same anymore for me. I like going through code and sometimes creating new things. The other day I created a shell script that would loop over a list of things and it made me happy to test and iterate upon it.

I like doing those things. It brought me joy. It brought me happiness. I think it was more seeing that I was able to create something that could be used down the line that made me happy too; that it wasn’t just for me to mess with. Something useful.

I’ve tried to look at other courses and schools but the weird thing is that I can’t seem to find one that really appeals to me anymore. It’s almost like hitting that wall of where to go from here kind of thing. It’s weird because there haven’t been many things that really excite me as much anymore. Code used to for such a long time but that’s not quite the same.

Looking and reading different languages was great but there wasn’t any one that really, truly stuck. Besides JavaScript. That’s the one that really has stuck with me for such a long time too. I should look a little more into that as things have changed since I dove super deep into it.