Yeah, I do that quite a bit. The site was down for a bit on and off the last couple of days because of a fatal error. It was the Gutenberg plugin having some hiccups. It was fine since it wasn’t really required for it to be active on the site. I don’t need it but it is good to have for me.

The other thing that may break soon is I have been contemplating on moving the hosting to another place. There are a few I’ve considered and the one I’m probably going to be using is Digital Ocean. If I could get away with using Google Cloud Platform it would be nice but to be honest that is probably going to be way too overkill for this site. Not only that I don’t have other projects that would require it or need it. I do have my random domain but that has been mostly unused for quite some time too and I feel a little bad.

Maybe in the coming months I’ll figure out something for that. I do, after all, really love the name I chose for it using a dot cloud TLD. Using the command line is what I’ll need to do more once I do figure out what will be next for this blog site too. I just know that I want to move to something that will be cheaper for me in the long run.