Yeah, another update because it was on my mind. This time it was more about creating a mysqldump of the current database. Since that’s what I’ll need in order to migrate the data to the new server. The good part being that I can now create a good backup of the database.

The funny thing about this being that I can do this in two different ways as well. Dreamhost does provide a phpMyAdmin interface in which I can export the database and I also can use DBeaver in order to connect and create it. I tested DBeaver because it’s free and I wanted to learn about how it does it as well.

The cool part being that I did get a backup made, I will have to test it somehow though to see if it is an acceptable one.

The main reason I wanted to create this was because I want to update the tables to the ones being used in the new server and because I like tinkering with those things. Seeing what could be done was a plus as well.

Those little steps are really helping out in all of this too. Love that I am doing it now too since this was something I wanted to tackle a long time ago. Using some of my prebviously learned skills has been great too.

This should take a short amount of time now that I can get things squared up so I can tackle them one at a time.