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  • WordPress Static Front Page

    Setting up a front page is hard. So many things to think. Do you want a page of your latest writings to be what a visitor first encounters or do you want a static page? Perhaps a unique template so as to differentiate between the rest of the site?

  • Using active callbacks in the Customizer

    One thing I haven’t seen many themes use is active callbacks to their advantage. What are they and how can they used? It’s actually quite simple and there are two methods that the customizer has available. The first one is when you first create the section, panel, or control. Great! We have a section but […]

  • Two or three column section

    A while back I wrote a quick and dirty tutorial on how to display more than one page. This can be done in a number of different ways. You can read about them in other tutorials and guides because this time I’ll go over another method using the WP_Query method. The codex page some really […]

  • Customizer: dropdown category selection

    Using the get_categories function with the customizer can be tricky. This is a code snippet to help out.

  • Working with the WordPress Customizer

    Recently the Theme Review Team chose to make the customizer as the format of creating theme options. I love it! Yes, I was in favor of it. I have my reasons. I know there are some people that still don’t fully grasp the customizer and most likely won’t. All good! Some take a little more […]

  • Fun with template tags: comment_form

    This time I’ll focus on the comment_form(). Neat, fun and with plenty of hooks and filters. The code Like usual we will look at the core code of the comment_form. There are approximately 230 lines of code that make up this template tag. Does sound like a lot, right? Yes, but when you look a […]

  • Fun with template tags: comments_template

    On my last post I talked about dynamic_sidebar and some uses. It was a fun little experiment I wanted to do and share. Yes, I said experiment. That is how I learn. I read, do and then share. I know I’m not the only one that does that. This time I dabbled with comments_template(). Yes, […]

  • Fun with template tags: dynamic_sidebar

    The last couple of weeks I’ve been reading the core code more and more. I like it. Came to the conclusion I really don’t know every hook or filter. I don’t claim to though. I like knowing enough to make a functional theme or even a plugin. Yes, I’ve been recently dabbling with one but […]

  • Using the_post_thumbnail

    For some time I’ve noticed one thing that many people like doing. Recreating core functions. One being the_post_thumbnail(). The reason it drives me crazy is because it means maintaining more code in your theme. Why would you do that to yourself? One of the common things is to wrap it in a conditional check and […]

  • JavaScript in PHP

    Lately I’ve been seeing a few themes that like to include and devote an entire file to JavaScript. There is a reason I don’t like this. Biggest one is because it creates bad practices. Yes, I understand you want to pass some variables between the two languages but there are better ways. What’s super cool […]

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