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  • Using active callbacks in the Customizer

    One thing I haven’t seen many themes use is active callbacks to their advantage. What are they and how can they used? It’s actually quite simple and there are two methods that the customizer has available. The first one is when you first create the section, panel, or control. Great! We have a section but […]

  • Fun with template tags: comments_template

    On my last post I talked about dynamic_sidebar and some uses. It was a fun little experiment I wanted to do and share. Yes, I said experiment. That is how I learn. I read, do and then share. I know I’m not the only one that does that. This time I dabbled with comments_template(). Yes, […]

  • Fun with template tags: dynamic_sidebar

    The last couple of weeks I’ve been reading the core code more and more. I like it. Came to the conclusion I really don’t know every hook or filter. I don’t claim to though. I like knowing enough to make a functional theme or even a plugin. Yes, I’ve been recently dabbling with one but […]

  • Displaying multiple pages on one

    Every so often I come across a theme or an implementation I like and wonder how it is being done. I like to dig behind the scenes on themes and see how they do things. Taking things apart to see how they work is a great way to learn. One neat little tidbit I learned […]

  • Making a Portable Object Template for your WordPress theme or plugin

    Yes, a bit of a lengthy title but I feel will get the point across and it is after all what I’m wanting to share with you today. A what now? A .pot ( or a Portable Object Template ) file is what WordPress uses and many PHP programs use for translation purposes. There are […]

  • Child theme friendly post-formats

    It’s no surprise I will always preach the making of child themes. Part of the reason is because you can make modifications without losing all that when it comes time to update the parent theme. I mean nothing more exciting than having to recall what files you changed, what code you added, deleted to brighten […]

  • Dealing with menu items

    I feel as though this subject is a bit different than what I’m used to. To a certain degree it is. I’ve never really dabbled much with the menu class within WordPress. I mean I used the wp_nav_menu template tag once or twice but never really looked as to how it works. That was until […]

  • So you want to become a WordPress Theme Reviewer?

    What does it take? Some PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS knowledge and a little bit of time to spare. At least that is what it takes to get the ball rolling. Yeah, very simple. Doesn’t take much really. The basics There are some things that you really have to know in order to becoming a WordPress […]

  • Choosing the right path

    It’s no secret that I love using WordPress and love design. Those are pretty obvious if you’ve known me for some time. I guess you could say I’m a little addicted to WordPress. My digital meth if you will, but I also love design about the same. Working on WordPress themes is an amazing middle […]

  • Creating a custom comment list

    What? Comments. That is the topic. As some may know I’m in the middle of creating a WordPress theme to submit to the repository. I want this theme to not only pass but to pass with flying colors. I followed about as close to how the default themes are but have also integrated some from […]