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  • Re-adding downloads

    Finally managed to get a lot of the photos I wanted to share uploaded to this site. In the following days and weeks, I will try to keep adding random photos. I shoot with a Nikon D200 so if you are a camera snob and or a Canon fanatic I will ask you to leave. […]

  • Vary all the vagrants

    It’s no secret that creating a proper web hosting environment can be a pain. Main reason being that there are many things that you have to take into consideration. Processor, storage, memory and sometimes if the motherboard can support it all. And I’m getting far ahead of myself again. When it comes to creating WordPress […]

  • Creating and sharing

    For the last five years I have taken quite a few photos. Most of which I’m pretty happy with and some that I questioned why I even took them. More and more I’ve had this little itch and I just can’t seem to take it anymore. I finally decided that I’m going to edit as […]

  • So you want to become a WordPress Theme Reviewer?

    What does it take? Some PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS knowledge and a little bit of time to spare. At least that is what it takes to get the ball rolling. Yeah, very simple. Doesn’t take much really. The basics There are some things that you really have to know in order to becoming a WordPress […]

  • Make things a little more accessible

    I was asked to redesign a site not too long ago and I’m pretty pumped about. Not going to lie. What I do like is that the site already has plenty of content to work with. The trick will be creating a good user experience for the person I will be handing off the site […]

  • Regenerate all the things!

    So, I’ve been dabbling with WordPress for some time and I have loved every bit of it. I even helped a few people along the way. Learned many things and met and talked to many more. Every day I do feel like I am learning something new. Whether that is how to enqueue a certain […]

  • Understanding arrays

    Backstory For the last month I have read about JavaScript ( ECMAScript ) and how it works. To say the least I am one step closer to not being as bald as I thought I would be. JavaScript is a great language to learn and has so much potential behind it and for it. What […]

  • Archive widget at a glance

    Today I put the finishing touches to my customized archives widget. While I am tempted to submit it to the WordPress plugin repository I will hold off for a little bit. The reason: I’m not quite ready. That will usually be my excuse. Enough of that on to the code! The issue I love using archives […]

  • Working with mobile first mentality

    This has been the biggest issue for some time now. How I want to execute it. All one stylesheet or separate ones and have the server load it depending on what it is given. Each one has its own drawbacks and perks to it. Reading about mobile design these last three days has slowly opened […]

  • I hate not finding the right documentation

    I really do. Recently I was trying to see if I could help anybody out with their WordPress questions and came across the sub-forum of localhost installs. I figure why not? I once had issues trying to figure out why I couldn’t see the pages. The issue that was on the plate was a server […]