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  • A metabox for your layout options

    It’s no surprise I can be vocal when I am reviewing a theme. Many know that I’ll spurt out what I end up seeing in a lot of themes. There is one thing that really does drive me crazy though and that is when people copy and paste code to their theme without actually knowing […]

  • My tour of creating a PHPCodeSniffer Standard

    It’s no surprise I like to learn new things. I also like to read things when I can. Okay, a lot of the time I skim through things but I make an effort to learn from it. The last couple of weeks I’ve looked at working with the PHPCodeSniffer. I installed it and never really […]

  • Creating a diff file

    The other day I made a quick video on how to create PHPCS reports. Later on during the day I was asked about creating a patch to meta. Of course I’m going to make another video to help somebody else out. In the video I go over on how to create a diff file using […]

  • Creating sample PHPCS reports

    I created a quick video in hopes to help some people understand the great thing that is using the PHP_CodeSniffer and how good it can be for not only developing plugins but WordPress themes as well. In the video I create two sample reports. The first one a source report and the second just a summary […]

  • Getting WordPress Custom Post Types in the customizer

    It’s no surprise I love a good theme. I love it even more when I get a choice of what can go where – extra cookie points if I don’t have to input that information. A while back I wrote out a post about presenting content within themes. In the course of reviewing so many […]

  • Presenting WordPress content with themes

    Themes are a great way of displaying content from your site, but what happens when you want to display other types of content? Things like testimonials, products, group members, or even portfolio items can be a little harder if you want to display those on the front page. How can we overcome this?

  • Working with paginate_links

    It is no secret that I try to advocate the use of core functions when possible. The idea of maintaining less code is a great one for any developer. It’s the old set it and forget mentality. What I do see a lot of is the use of my_theme_pagination that uses get_pagenum_link in order to get […]

  • Three sliders, one option, and a few tears later

    I am not a huge fan of sliders until they are used in a decent way. The only way I sort of like them is in an image gallery but even then it has to be somewhat incorporated with a lightbox, colorbox, whatever you would like to call it. These sliders are slowly becoming a bit more popular with theme developers because it can solve a few issues for the user. The biggest drawback is that they will no longer have that slider when they ultimately redesign the site and switch themes.

  • Two or three column section

    A while back I wrote a quick and dirty tutorial on how to display more than one page. This can be done in a number of different ways. You can read about them in other tutorials and guides because this time I’ll go over another method using the WP_Query method. The codex page some really […]

  • Customizer: dropdown category selection

    Using the get_categories function with the customizer can be tricky. This is a code snippet to help out.