My tour of creating a PHPCodeSniffer Standard

It’s no surprise I like to learn new things. I also like to read things when I can. Okay, a lot of the time I skim through things but I make an effort to learn from it. The last couple of weeks I’ve looked at working with the PHPCodeSniffer. I installed it and never really…

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Creating a diff file

The other day I made a quick video on how to create PHPCS reports. Later on during the day I was asked about creating a patch to meta. Of course I’m going to make another video to help somebody else out.

In the video I go over on how to create a diff file using SVN and atom. With that file you can submit patches to core and meta.

There are two places to look for. If you are submitting a new ticket, you will see a checkbox that will take you to an upload screen.

Or if you are contributing to an already existing ticket you will see a field where you can upload files.

Hope this helps some of you out!

Creating sample PHPCS reports

I created a quick video in hopes to help some people understand the great thing that is using the PHP_CodeSniffer and how good it can be for not only developing plugins but WordPress themes as well.

In the video I create two sample reports. The first one a source report and the second just a summary report. The documentation does provide some useful information to help along the way in creating those reports.

Hope this helps some people out!

Working with paginate_links

It is no secret that I try to advocate the use of core functions when possible. The idea of maintaining less code is a great one for any developer. It’s the old set it and forget mentality. What I do see a lot of is the use of my_theme_pagination that uses get_pagenum_link in order to get…

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Three sliders, one option, and a few tears later

I am not a huge fan of sliders until they are used in a decent way. The only way I sort of like them is in an image gallery but even then it has to be somewhat incorporated with a lightbox, colorbox, whatever you would like to call it. These sliders are slowly becoming a bit more popular with theme developers because it can solve a few issues for the user. The biggest drawback is that they will no longer have that slider when they ultimately redesign the site and switch themes.