Sad to say and write that I haven’t really been working on my Bachelor’s Degree in well over a year. Why? Part because I haven’t looked at other schools that I would like to attend online and the other part is because I have thought hard about what it is that I really love doing. Is it graphics or coding?

I’m not saying I don’t want to get a degree in web design but the more and more I read about programming the more and more I start to think it will be a better fit for me. Programming, too, has its own beauty and art form.

When I think back and reflect on the years I spent in front of a monitor I slowly realize that a good portion of the time I was merely looking at code. Graphics were a mere second to it all. I love both but I think that programming may just be my final decision. It almost reminds me of the era when it was one person that did everything when it came to printing.

Reading the history of graphic design in one of the courses I took was extremely enlightening to me. It not only helped me see type/typography as an art form but as an extension.

Reading more and more about functions, arrays, variables, and cases makes me realize that I really do want to be programming more often and lean more towards web development and not design as much. So I’m thinking of a major in the science and minor in the art of virtual communication? I call it virtual communication because it’s not quite visual communication and not digital visualization.

Anyway, with so much running through my mind I have headed in a new direction and I think that I will actually like where this takes me.