Slowly but surely I am making some progress about how my site is looking. Don’t get me wrong I like the look at the moment but I want something that is very simple since it is just my thoughts and nobody elses that I am writing about. The next phase will be expanding the theme to support a good part of WordPress functionality and capabilities.

Yes, I have worked on this for far too long and I think it is now time to really finish what I started nearly six months ago. Has it really been that long? I know I am nearing a year with Web hosting hub and I have been pretty happy with them. Granted I haven’t experimented as much as I would like to but I have learned quite a bit from the things that I have done.

Site's header portion

The site is slowly coming together and I like the progress that I have made thus far. There are a few things that I still need to modify but it will all come together pretty soon. There are just a few more things to modify and it will all be done.

The one thing that I will have a bit of an issue with will be creating a good JavaScript gallery. Thankfully it is all making sense to me now. Now to try to get some sleep so that my brain can make sense of all the things running through my mind at the moment.