More and more I have coded the theme for my site and more and more I beginning to understand how TortoiseSVN works. Version control has been good to me so far. Every bit of testing I do helps to program my brain to register and understand better. A good example is a quick little snippet I am implementing in my personal blog.

$p_tags = get_the_tags();
if (!empty($p_tags)):
< ?php

That little snippet - I think - is pretty neat. The reason I think so is because I feel that you shouldn't put elements into the DOM that you don't need. Enough about code let me get to what I was really typing about: version control.

TortoiseSVN sample icons

Working with TortoiseSVN is great. Making commits is easy. Adding files and folders is even better. I have two different folders setup of course; one is the actual repository and the other is the working copy where I can tinker and play. After I have made my final decision of what to use as the final code I make that little commit and a new version is made. That I love seeing those little icons in the files and folders.

If I find an error or something doesn't quite work out I can just as quickly revert back to the earlier version. It is that easy and I love taking advantage of that. One great thing that I learned from watching a WordPress WordCamp video many months ago. Version control is, by far, one of the greatest thing I have come across - so far.

TortoiseSVN revision history sample

TortoiseSVN version control has made coding for me much more enjoyable. I am beginning to see the light at the end of this tunnel that is my final blog theme. Since I have most the ground work set for how the theme will be displayed I can start to focus on styling. It will be a fun task with SCSS; although in the near future I will start to use git more and more for future projects.

TortoiseSVN sample

Git is one more version control tool that I am looking forward to using. I have basic knowledge of how it works, I just need to actually work with it to really know and see it in action. Branching, tagging and merging will be a lot easier for me to comprehend once I use both version control tools more and more.