So this morning I was messing around with some DNS records to test how things will look like once I move to the new server. I did that with my random domain that I bought a few years ago to test things like that.

It worked.

The nice part being that I was able to even get a subdomain to work correctly which was what I really should have tested to begin with. I didn’t think about it until a few minutes later but was still able to get a quick test up and running. Turned out to be totally worth testing too because it affirmed my learning.

The next step may just very well be getting the site migrated over. I need to create a MySQL dump of the database so I can import it to the new server, then get the wp-content/uploads folder as well so I can move the files to the new destination.

The rest of the things I can easily move over or simply just reinstall as well. The plugins are not very many either so that’s going to be super easy. It’s the Gutenberg plugin, and the Beta Tester one that I’m more concerned with since I do like being crazy and using the latest when possible.

That may also explain why I do want to make the move over to Digital Ocean and just tinker with the site more. I like having some control of the things I’m using and that’s one thing I learned over the years too. I like not having to deal with some things but at the end of the day I like it when this site breaks and I can figure out why. Granted I may have to search in a few places but it will at least get figured out and I’ll learn from it.

The good news being that I was able to get things working and that is the win I’m going to take for this.