Parenthood – The journey begins

Parenthood is a never-ending journey and every day is a new adventure into making mistakes while trying to keep some sanity. Parenthood has no rules, guidelines or even a reference guide but it is still a great thing to be a part of. I entered upon this journey on June 7. Okay not entirely but that was the day my little boy, Salvador, was born so I will count that as the actual day the journey began. I will add more and more pages as time goes on and I get time to share these little life lessons.

Working with code

It has been a really long time since I posted anything on my blog. There have been several reasons as to why. The biggest one is because I was slowly going through a small depression. Not being in school and not reading/learning about things that I love has effected me to a certain extent. Now,…

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My days off

Having days off has been really good for me. I feel so much happier now that I can get more things done on my days off. A good example of all of this is the fact that I have been able to finish my friend’s site and keep wanting to add more and more to…

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