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Another date, another update. Little man is now at that nine month stage of life. With every day that passes he is slowly building a personality of his own. The lessons I have to share at this stage are:

  1. Chew-able and digestible things are good.
  2. Let them sleep

SJ gets into nearly anything and everything that he can get his little hands in. Makes me laugh but scares me at the same time. Part of the reason it scares me is that when he gets by my computer he sees the cords and wants to chew on them. A little shocking yes but he is still a  baby and more often than not that is how babies learn.

The one other thing that we’ve learned is to let your little one sleep. Do not wake them up just so you can play or showcase them. It can lead to unexpected things like them having bad dreams or even night terrors. Our little man has given us a scare or two because his sleep pattern had to change when Jamie quit her job. He would wake up screaming for no reason or more often than not he would still be sleeping but would scream and cry.

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3 responses to “Parenthood – The journey begins”

  1. “…human beings don’t like to leave things half done or unfinished. Learn to let go of that…”

    Thanks for having written this Jose. Since I read this about a month ago, I find myself referring to the concept every few days– it inspires/helps me to remind me to be able to drop something less important for something more important, even though the less important thing isn’t yet finished. Good to know that someone else has experienced the same thing and has shared it!

  2. Good guide and advice. We live, We learn… and along the way we become Parents and our kids become better parents and teachers and engineers and entrepreneurs and Presidents.

  3. J. Parsons Avatar
    J. Parsons

    You said it beautifully <3